stop words

There are a total of 43 supported languages:

Arabic (JSON | TXT)
Armenian (JSON | TXT)
Basque (JSON | TXT)
Bengali (JSON | TXT)
Breton (JSON | TXT)
Bulgarian (JSON | TXT)
Catalan (JSON | TXT)
Chinese (JSON | TXT)
Croatian (JSON | TXT)
Czech (JSON | TXT)
Danish (JSON | TXT)
Dutch (JSON | TXT)
English (JSON | TXT)
Esperanto (JSON | TXT)
Ewe (JSON | TXT)
Finnish (JSON | TXT)
French (JSON | TXT)
Galician (JSON | TXT)
German (JSON | TXT)
Greek (JSON | TXT)
Hebrew (JSON | TXT)
Hindi (JSON | TXT)
Hungarian (JSON | TXT)
Indonesian (JSON | TXT)
Irish (JSON | TXT)
Italian (JSON | TXT)
Japanese (JSON | TXT)
Korean (JSON | TXT)
Latin (JSON | TXT)
Latvian (JSON | TXT)
Marathi (JSON | TXT)
Norwegian (JSON | TXT)
Persian (JSON | TXT)
Polish (JSON | TXT)
Portuguese (JSON | TXT)
Romanian (JSON | TXT)
Russian (JSON | TXT)
Slovak (JSON | TXT)
Slovenian (JSON | TXT)
Spanish (JSON | TXT)
Swedish (JSON | TXT)
Thai (JSON | TXT)
Turkish (JSON | TXT)

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Authors and Contributors

Peter Graham (@6) started with his stopwords repository in february 2014. We (@moewe-io) forked this repository, did some improvements and published it as github page under

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